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Shop for Local Art at the Austin Art Garage

Shop for Local Art at the Austin Art Garage

Are you searching for a unique work of art?

Then head to the Austin Art Garage.

The gallery is called one of the area's best-kept secrets and was created to showcase local art.

The Austin Art Garage is fifteen minutes from our East Austin apartments, and artists include: 

Heather Sundquist Hall

Based in Smithville, Heather Sundquist Hall is heavily influenced by narratives, nostalgia, and details. Her work illustrates personal stories, and she strives to create a connection with her viewers. Heather mostly paints landscapes, and her pieces are the perfect addition to any home. 

Danika Ostrowski 

Growing up, Danika Ostrowski visited national parks with her family. It was these trips that inspired her art. Today, when she visits a national park, she takes the time to learn about what makes it unique. Danika creates her landscape paintings using photographs, sketches, and memories. Her work is vibrant and is designed to inspire viewers to visit public land.

Heidi Miller Lowell

Art makes Heidi Miller Lowell feel alive. She was raised in rural Colorado, where she explored the mountains and open spaces. She became an art teacher after graduating from the University of Texas, and now divides her time between teaching and painting. Heidi uses watercolors and creates on kaolin clay and clayboard. 

Raymond Allen

Born into a family of painters, photographers, and glass workers, Raymond Allen has dabbled in art his entire life. He creates in an array of media but favors woodworking and pen & ink. Raymond enjoys science and science-fiction, and both subjects inspire his work. 

The gallery is open six days a week, and it also hosts events throughout the year. 

The Austin Art Garage is just one of the art destinations near our apartments in Austin, TX. If you are looking for a vibrant place to call home, please contact us. We would love to give you a tour.