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Find Your Next Great Read at One of Austin’s Bookstores

Find Your Next Great Read at One of Austin’s Bookstores

Did you know that reading expands your vocabulary and sharpens your writing skills?

If you would like to find your next great read, visit one of these bookstores near Residences at Saltillo:


Since 1970, BookPeople has been the state's leading independent bookstore. Nestled downtown, it has welcomed many renowned authors as well as former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. The staff is friendly, and they enjoy making recommendations. Visitors find the shelves are stocked with nearly all genres, and the shop is open 364 days a year from 9:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m.

If you enjoy chatting about books, then attend one of BookPeople's free book clubs. They range from horror to classic fiction, and everyone is welcome to join in the fun. 

Malvern Books 

Malvern Books boasts it's an open space for creative minds. The shop's neon sign beckons visitors on West 29th Street, and it comes complete with wooden furniture and unique light fixtures. Malvern's features poetry and visionary literature from independent publishers. The focus is on lesser-known and emerging voices, and many of the titles have been translated into foreign languages.

As a community gathering place, the store also hosts book clubs, poetry readings, and musical performances. 

South Congress Books 

At South Congress Books, you'll meet Sheri Tornatore who has 25 years of experience in the collectible book industry. She opened the store in 2011 after running a successful online book business. Visitors find a cozy space that feels like a well cared for personal library. The books range from famed classic titles to new releases, and there's a selection of first editions that make great gifts. 

In addition to these bookstores, our apartments in Austin, TX are also near top restaurants and world-class cultural attractions. If you would like to call our vibrant community home, please contact us to arrange a tour.